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She is the absolute most important person to me...


Blood Ties Overview

"Blood Ties" is a story revolving around two main characters: Solus and Salethiel.

Solus is an original character (OC) created by me, Invoking, and Salethiel is an OC created by EmoRapunzel, who is my girlfriend.

Each primary/supporting character of any importance or real influence on the story is an OC created by a deviant. That's correct - you simply create an OC and if they meet the criteria for inclusion in the story, then they will be featured if a spot opens up and they're unique abilities are required to further the stories plot. So far, 3 OC's not created by me have been included in the first couple chapters of "Blood Ties" and more will surly be featured soon.

I released a journal when this project first began and a flood of owners wanting to get their OC's featured in the story blew up my inbox with submissions. While these deviants are already on the waiting list to possibly have their OC featured in "Blood Ties", I am setting down a new requirement for those who want their OC featured in the story.

Those who wish to have their OC officially under consideration for a feature in "Blood Ties" must post this "Blood Ties" themed badge on their profile.


Please click on the badge for more information.

If you support "Blood Ties" but do not have an OC to submit, you may also post the badge on your profile page or put it in a journal like my good friend has done here.

I support Blood Ties!!I couldn't resist :P lol. 
Not like I post alot of journals anyway XD in fact not like I post much of anything! Its ok, I regret nothing! I lived as few men dare to dream (I wonder how many will know where I got that from?). 

Every bit helps out. Also, if you're sick of this ramble and would like to submit your own OC, here is the journal you should do that on.

Blood Ties - Submit Your OC For A Spot In My StoryI have decided to write a story for you guys. A story full of mystery, action, comedy, love, loss, evil, and mountain goats. That last one is necessary, I swear to you it is.
I am going to call it "Blood Ties". Allow me to explain why.
Obviously I will be using my OC (original character), Solus. He's one of those guys that's kind of serious when he has to be and has a sarcastic remark for lot's of things. In other words, he has a sense of humor and more settings than a washing machine. You've just gotta find them all. Anyway, since he is -my- OC, he is a part of me, and, therefore, is connected to me. He is tied to me. Eh? Get it? Of course you do, you're a smart cookie. That being said, Solus' operational partner is Salethiel (pronounced SALE - A as in KAY - THEE - ULL), an OC created by my girlfriend, EmoRapunzel. There's a picture of him somewhere in her gallery, I think. Go find it. Then come back. Or finish reading this, then go find

Just follow the rules listed in the journal. Remember: "Blood Ties" takes place in an era of swords, shields, and strange arcane arts. Nothing of the modern world is allowed and your OC will be exempted from consideration if they violate that rule or any other rule listed. I apologize in advance, but do not take it out on me.

Finally, here is the first Prologue of "Blood Ties", whose working title was "The Start Of Something More".

Blood Ties - Prologue
The fire crackled and popped, sending embers scattering across the ground. Flames reached up to the night sky, dancing back and forth as though caught in the middle of an intense, emotional ballad. Shadows swayed in contrast to the flames dull light. Solus sat several feet away from the fire, leaned back on one arm, the other laying across his knee. The ebony cowl he wore masked his face from the nose down. All that could be discerned was his too-long black hair that he kept swept to the right side. Despite his efforts, though, rogue strands of hair still tended to cover his right eye. He blinked and looked up. Billions of stars looked back at him, shining just as brilliantly as they did every night. He inhaled deeply, soaking in the sight of something so beautiful, so mysterious, and unbelievably powerful.
“So,” Solus spoke, his voice low but soft, “you aren't an angel?” He cast his emerald gaze across the fire for but a moment. Salethiel stirred, made u

Please enjoy the story and don't forget to fave and leave a comment! Thank you for reading. :heart:



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EvannaVanyaEliska Mar 17, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you for the fave!~ :iconsmile-luplz: I appreciate it! :iconbubblecuteplz: and for the watch!!! <3 <3 :iconbubblekissplz:
evrum Mar 16, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
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Phan5everx2 Mar 4, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
you should check this out and tel your watchers,…

all the entries are aMAZING and don't have nearly enough recognition, i'm not a part of it but i'm glad i chanced upon it
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Thanks for the llama :D
H-A-CookeStock Mar 1, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Hello Invoking! 

Thank you for adding Double Feature Friady IS-01:  FrozenProse and Open-Mic-Poetry to your Favorites! If you have any other recommendations for Prose of Poetry groups to feature don't hesitate to comment on the journal or leave a comment on the profile page.

Thanks, and keep inspired,

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