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Journal Entry: Sun Nov 16, 2014, 4:40 PM

I've been overly stressed with my new job. I'm sorry for that last outburst, but I was highly frustrated that I now have minimal to no time to do the things I'm truly passionate for. That is, make videos, write poetry and write stories. However, since things seem to have smoothed over again and I've got a pretty haphazard system now, I have regained a little time to at least do something. Thank you, everybody who gave me well wishes. You really don't understand how much it helps to come back and see that people actually seem to care if I'm spiraling out of control. Thank you.

I wanted to offer you something special to me to make up for my lack of activity and general lack of existing. I've been cultivating a universe for a story since before high school. Of course back then it was immature and full of logic holes and all that, but now, I think i've got it to a stage where I'm comfortable sharing just a tad of the written story. It revolves around two siblings: Rayne, the older brother of 18 years old is finishing out his senior year of high school and Evangeline, the younger sister of 16 years old attends the same school as her brother but is, of course, a sophomore. The story mainly stays focused on Rayne's point of view, however, there are occasions where POV's shift but not very often. I have a massive twist planned out for the climax of the story that will be sure to tug on heartstrings and have people in tears (maybe). There is love, there is loss, there is everything in between. I guess you can call the genre fantasy, but it takes place in modern times (More like around 2008, though i'm sure I could easily update it). Yes, there is magic and that sort of thing. It's the only story I feel truly passionate about finished from beginning to end, and I've held it close to my heart as my first project since I decided to become a writer. This story is very dear to me and draws upon some of my own experiences. But here's that sliver of the story I talked about way up there at the top. This small part emphasizes the strong bond between Rayne and Evangeline. Please enjoy.

I pushed the uneasiness to the back of my mind as I descended the stairs. I lay my bag down on the last of the steps as I always did, giving a long sigh. Subtle relief pressed over me as I noiselessly made my way to the living room. I knew the layout of the house so well that the darkness didn’t hinder my movement at all. Sudden flashes of the dream pulsed through my mind.

Will you catch me?

I stumbled, clutching onto the edge of the couch to steady myself.

Or let me go?

I closed my eyes, willing the memory of the dream away. I peered over the edge of the couch and forced out a small smile.

“Slept down here again, huh Evan?” I spoke softly so as to not disturb her. I let out a heavy sigh, taking a seat at the end of the couch nearest her head. She was facing outward toward the cold fireplace with her arms crossed and tucked underneath her cheek. Her long black hair was covering most of her face, but I knew that underneath you would find the pale face of an innocent angel. Her eyes, I also knew, were the same hue as mine. A dark grey, like storm clouds brewing on the horizon. I found this strange even with the unsatisfying explanation that it was a rare and unique gift that showed up from time to time. Grey eyes were certainly uncommon, but I didn’t see the gift in them. They just drew unwanted attention, and I refused to wear colored contacts.

I looked over Evangeline’s sleeping form a little more with the tailored eye of the older brother and protector I was. Her features strongly resembled that of our mother. They were both petite with curves that complimented them in all the right ways. But Evangeline, unlike most sixteen year old girls, hated the attention her natural beauty drew to her. She was always telling me about guys at school who would continuously hit on her and try to sway her as if she were nothing more than a prize at the county fair: to be won and then forgotten about. I shook my head lightly, smiling as Evangeline smiled in her sleep, her rose-pink lips spreading happily across her face. I raised one eyebrow and watched her a little longer with the small smile still spread across my own face. What are you dreaming about? I glanced up at the old Victorian clock above the fireplace, my smile fading with hers as a distressed look overtook her features.

The clock read six o’ four. I placed a hand on Evangeline’s shoulder and gently shook her awake, easing off as she stirred into consciousness.

“Big brother…?” She sat up slowly, letting her hair fall in front of her face and a groan escape her lips.

“Who else?” I asked jokingly. There hadn’t been anybody else for the last year and a half. She brushed her hair away from her face and, upon seeing me, let it fall back to where it had been.

“Good question.” She was being sarcastic. “What time is it?” She asked, pulling her knees up to her chin and wrapping her arms around them. I motioned at the clock. Evangeline let her head roll back, her hair falling from her face down to her shoulders. She sighed, irritated, and threw her arms up. “I was having such a crazy dream.” She looked back to me, her grey eyes flashing with wonder. “You were there. At least, I think you were …” Her voice trailed off and she stared straight ahead, as if at some distant object. I opened my mouth to speak, but the words caught in my throat. My mind reverted back to the dream of empty blackness, a void of absolute nothing. The voice.

Will you...?

“Is something wrong?” Evangeline’s voice shook me out of the trance. I hesitated for a moment, uncertainty riddling my thoughts.

“Nope,” I said at last, ruffling her hair as I stood up.

“Hey!” She retorted hotly and swatted my hand away, “You messed up my hair!”

“Oh, please,” I spoke as I grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl in the kitchen and tossed it to her. She caught it without even looking. “It was already a mess.”

I turned around to get my own, but the next thing I knew, a sharp pain erupted on the side of my head. “Ow! What the hell?!” I half laughed, half screamed. An apple landed on the floor with a solid thud. “That kind of hurt…”


Evangeline paused halfway up the stairs to flash me a quick, disarmingly innocent smile. I smiled back and she took off, giggling her bubbly laugh all the way up. I picked the apple up, dusted it off on my pants, and took a big bite.

I hope you enjoyed that. I never forget that there are people who care. But sometimes I just need some time alone. Again, thank you everybody. I can't stress it enough how much it means to me.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature

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